Illegal Non E marked Bridgestone commercial tyres sold for UK road use

Non 'E' marked Bridgestone truck tyres, made in Thailand & Turkey, are being actively sold in the UK. These tyres are not road legal in the UK and Bridgestone have said there will be no warranty with these imported tyres.

There are non 'E' marked Bridgestone truck tyres, made in Thailand & Turkey, that are being actively sold in the UK.

Bridgestone are aware of these imported tyres and has commented,

"There have been a spate of Bridgestone truck tyres imported into the UK that are not intended for the European market, despite the fact that the pattern name matches the European designation".

"You should be aware that there are a number of differences between these tyres (imported from either Thailand & Turkey) and those supplied through Bridgestone UK".

"Tyres operating in the UK not intended for the European market will not be covered by Bridgestone's warranty".


If you are offered these tyres you should note that:

…they do not comply with ‘E' marking standards for the U.K. market & because of this they are NOT a road legal tyre in the U.K.

…the tyres performance in the UK will be affected as they are designed with different compounds for different climates. Tyre wear could be significantly increased giving a shorter tyre life.

…some products have a shallower original tread depth as opposed to tyres made for the European market, again the tyre life will be shorter.

…some do not have the same load carrying capacity as tyres manufactured for the European market, and consequently do not meet the Euro VI carrying capacity requirements.


Bush Tyres are a Bridgestone partner and we only sell tyres in the UK that meet all European tyre regulations.

 Bush Tyres Commercial Tyre Centre Telephone number 08455 214222

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