Land Rover Discovery Commercial All-terrain Conversion

This Land Rover Discovery Commercial came to our Horncastle branch for a conversion to 305/40R22 Radar Renegade A/T-5 All-terrain tyres and 10.5x22 Inovit YSM-099 Revolve wheels.

Land Rover Discovery Commercial All-terrain Conversion Bush Tyres

Land Rover Discovery Commercial All-terrain Conversion Bush Tyres

The Tyres:
The Radar Renegade A/T5 is an all-weather/all-terrain tyre produced for SUVs, off-roaders and light trucks as well as vans. Part of the Renegade family, the A/T5 is the all-rounder among the Radar off-road tyres with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

The Renegade A/T5 features the new and innovative stone ejection technology that prevents pointed objects from drilling into the surface in the long term.

Radar Renegade A/T5 tyres Bush Tyres

The Wheels:
The Inovit Revolve wheel oozes style and simplicity. The strikingly bold design of precision-crafted teardrop accented spokes complete the elegant look of the Revolve wheel and offer a distinctly high-end feel, making it the perfect finishing touch to any luxury vehicle. The wheel is available in a selection of finishes, Gloss Black Machined Face, Black Machined Face with Dark Tint and Silver Machined Face Satin Lacquer.

10.5x22 Inovit YSM-099 Revolve wheels Bush Tyres

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