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Changing the wheels on a car really makes it stand out but, changing the wheels on a lorry, that makes a huge difference!

Alcoa alloy wheels not only look fantastic, they also offer other un-seen benefits with weight saving & strength.

Before Alcoa Alloy wheels fitted | Bush Tyres     Alcoa Dure-Brights rear alloy wheel | Bush Tyres

 A full set of Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy truck wheels fitted by Grimsby CommercialsAfter Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels fitted | Bush Tyres

Brightening up the look of your lorry not only improves your company image but will benefit your vehicle in other ways as well.

Alcoa alloy wheels:

  • are 5 times stronger than a atandard steel wheel and can withstand a load of 71,200kg before deforming compared to steel wheels that start to deform at 13,600kg
  • Weigh upto 51% less per wheel depending on the wheel size
  • Have upto a 204kg weight saving per 2 axle truck/3 axle trailer combination
  • Give an increased payload
  • are made fom Aluminium and are 3 times more conductive than steel wheels, meaning they dissipate heat better, resulting in reduced tyre wear and increased life of brakes and suspension.

Alcoa Alloy Wheels supplied by Bush Tyres

Truckfest 2019 Daf XF Highly Commended Award winner

Alcoa Dura-Bright wheels fitted with Bridgestone R249 & M739 tyres
supplied & fitted by our Bushmobile Sleaford Centre

Truckfest 2019 Highly Commended Winner - DAF XF | Bush Tyres DAF XF | PD Truck Photography | Bush Tyres

Truckfest 2019 Highly Commended Winner - DAF XF | Bush Tyres | Bushmobile 

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