Police Tyre Checks

We have had customers coming into our Bourne centre today because the Cambridgeshire Police have been leaving a 'Fixed Penalty' notification on their cars.

Police Fixed Penalty NoticeThe note explains the Police have been conducting a Road Safety Day of Action and are looking at the safety of the cars they see.
Tyres are an obvious area too look at and tread depth readings have been taken.

Any vehicle found to have a tread depth close to or under the legal limit (1.6mm) are left a ticket explaining the reason why tread is used on tyres to gain grip in the wet as well as informing the driver of which wheel they have spotted as being defective.

Rather than  beng notified by the Police, we recommend you check your tyres regularily. Using a 20p coin is a good guage to see if your tyres are above the legal limit.

Police Note left for cars with low tread depths found on theur cars

If you are unsure, call into any of our centres and we will check your tyres for you free of charge.
Better still, take advantage of our Free Winter Vehicle Check to make sure your car is fully prepared the cold & frosty months ahead.

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