Precision wheel balancing at Bush Tyres centres

Introducing the Haweka Quick Plate for precision wheel balancing.

At Bush Tyres we continually strive to offer our customers the best ways to improve our service and standards, no matter how small the changes and implementations maybe. It's for these reasons we have introduced the Haweka Quick Plate to optimise balancing car wheels.

When balancing a wheel and tyre it's best to locate the wheel on the balancer in the same way it is fitted on the vehicle. The Haweka Quick Plate enables us to do this by locating the wheel via the wheels stud holes. Mounting the wheel in this way applies equal pressure to the stud holes as well as locating the wheel on the spigot correctly, therefor optimising the centring of the wheel on the balancer by mimicking the way the wheel is fitted to the car.


As an added bonus, there is no chance of the face of the wheel being marked/damaged, unlike with some conventional methods of wheel balancing where a ‘pressure cup' attachment is used to push against the face of the wheel to clamp the wheel to the balancer.

We currently have the Hawke Quick Plate at our Pirelli Performance Centres in Horncastle, Spalding and Beverley.

For more information or to have your wheel balanced please give them a call.

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