Bentley Turbo R on Avon Turbosteel White Wall Tyres

Endyke Tyres had a beautiful 1991 Bentley Turbo R in recently to have 235/70R15 101V Avon Turbosteel CR11B White Wall tyres fitted.

Bentley Turbo R in for Avon Turbosteel CR11B Tyres | Endyke Tyres 

The 29 year old, 399bhp 6.7 litre V8, Bentley requires a tyre that can not only manage the power and torque the car puts through the tyre, but also carry the weight of it as well. All of this has to be done while giving thecar a smooth, luxurious ride renowned by Bentley & Rolls Royce.

Avon Turbosteel CR11B 70 series tyre was developed for large & heavy, luxury cars. | Bush Tyres 

British tyre manufacturer Avon, developed the Turbosteel 70 series tyre for large & heavy, luxury cars. It was such a success it became the original equipment tyre for Rolls Royce & Bentley's from 1973 through to the 1990's & was also used by Aston Martin on their luxury saloon, Lagonda, and their V8 range of cars.

Bentley Turbo R in for Avon Tyres | Endyke Tyres | Bush Tyres

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