Ford Sierra RS Cosworth wheel alignment at Beverley

Our Beverley Centre checked the full wheel alignment specifications and adjusted the settings as required on this 1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth recently.

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth wheel alignmentAt Bush Tyres we use state of the art wheel alignment machines to ensure when your vehicle leaves us it drives straight and tyre wear issues are resolved (vehicle & tyre condition permitting).

We cater for all makes and models of car, new & old. If your car is not on our data base we can either find the wheel alignmnet settings for your vehicle or, if you have the settings, we can input those into our system too.

If you have a race or rally car we can align it too.

As long as you have the desired wheel alignmnet settings and your car allows us to achieve those settings we can align your car.


Call one of our centres today & book your vehicle in for a FREE wheel alignment check.



We don't just wheel align cars, we offer a tractor wheel alignment service too. For more information click here.

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