Bush Tyres OE2 division advises Farm Machinery Journal about agricultural tyre technology

For the October edition of Farm Machinery Journal we were approched by FMJ as they were writing an article about tyre developments in agriculture.

 FMJ approached us because of a recommendation by Horsch, who we helped find the correct wheel & tyre product for their trailed sprayers. This relationship has subsequently gone from strength to strength as OE2 supplies Horsch with other wheel & tyre fitments for their machinery range.

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FMJ & OE2 (Bush Tyres) spoke about the way the industry is developing from initially the farmer just requiring a tyre to get from A to B to how the times have changed as most customers are now making well informed buying decisions based on quite a bit of research, including talking to manufacturers as well as other farmers, both face to face and on forums.


OE2 StockManufacturers must take a lot of credit for this. Not only have they developed more advanced technology, they are also providing superb support and back-up, such as farm visits to weigh equipment to provide specific advice on the ideal pressures for the machines and work.

Agricultural machines are hugely bigger now with higher horsepower and they need to be able to do a multitude of jobs. Add to this that most farmers fields are worked, not just twice a year as in the past, but all year round now.

Technology has also developed with tyres such as IF (Increased Flexion) and VF (Very High Flexion).  They are now standard fitments that are being used across the market and we are sure there is more development to come.

Mitas SFT Tyres need to have higher load ratings and speed is also a critical factor. Some manufacturers limit their machines, however, more and more of them are capable of 65kmh and this is where the future will be.

IF & VF technology means the tyres have more flexible sidewalls which allows IF tyres to deliver the benefit of carrying 20 per cent more load or the same load at 20 per cent less pressure than a standard tyre, while VF tyres double the capacity. This means the VF tyres can support a 40 per cent heavier load at the same pressure or allows a 40 per cent reduction in pressure at the same load.
In both cases soil compaction is greatly reduced when carrying the same loads that a standard tyre could carry.

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Bush Tyres OE2 division have seen a significant rise in interest from UK manufacturers, and customers alike, for using VF technology on self-propelled sprayers.

The design is exactly what was need – the larger footprint spreads the load, which protects the soil, while supporting heavier loads. The same technology is now being used increasingly on specialist sprayer and row crop operations, allowing heavy sprayer loads to be carried at their maximum road speeds. 

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