1987 Ford Capri 'Brooklands' 280 2.8 V6 in for Avon Tyres and Full Wheel Alignment

One of the last Ford Capri ‘Brooklands' 280 with a 2.8-litre V6 engine came into our Boston branch for a full set of 195/50VR15 Avon tyres and alignment setup.

It is always great for our team to be able to work on a classic car like this, especially one in great condition like this Ford Capri.

Having had a full set of Avon's the team performed a full alignment check and adjustment making sure the customer would get the best from their new tyres.

Poorly aligned wheels can significantly contribute towards obtaining less miles from a set of tyres. By adjusting the vehicles alignment, we can significantly reduce the cars fuel consumption, and more importantly, improve road safety!

Wheel alignment checks are FREE at Bush Tyres, we can then advise as to whether your vehicle requires any wheel alignment adjustments.

You can view our range of Avon Tyres here, or you can start your tyre search by clicking below:

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